Friday, September 19, 2008

Karma Kredits tumble..

By most measures I lead a very trouble free existance. House is paid for. No credit card debt. I run my life in a way that is fair to others and myself. I may have earned a few Karma Kredits along the way ...or not.

In the last 2 weeks:
My car was broken into and a couple of expensive items were stolen.

The stock photography company that licenses my pictures notified me that they will be closing their doors Oct 10th.

MER stock decided to take a dip, or rather, plunge into the financial toilet. This hurt. Alot.

And, on the subject of toilets, mine overflowed this morning flooding the bathroom and creeping under the hardwood floor in the hallway.

Did I mention that a seal on the spa heater failed and emptied the tub?

Except for the MER fiasco, all of these are small things. Fixable. Recoverable. An expensive inconvenience, not a life changing tragedy. The lesson here is the danger of comfort and failure to parse the details. Every one of the events could have been avoided weeks, no, months ago if I had been paying attention to the details.

Karma Kredits only work for those events out of your control. Lets hope.

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