Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hump Day Links 10.31.07

The tax man in Iowa is going after jack-o'-lanterns this Halloween. More

Speaking of taxes, Oregon has a measure to increase the tobacco tax by an additional 84.5 cents for a total of $2.03 per pack. The tax isn't surprising. Putting the tax into the state constitution is. More

Freelance photo assistant, Sean Moser, needs a, arm. Oh, just read the story and make a small donation. More

Arizona photographer, Kevin King is at it again... yet another tease about his new Radiopoppers. More

Keep humpin'

Friday, October 26, 2007

DIY: Flash Gels...on your printer

I had a "eureka" moment this morning while I was having my coffee. Why not use transparencies and my CAD program to create flash gels. You can make them any color you want. Size them to fit your flash with the appropriate tail to attach velcro. You can even grab patterns and textures from Google image search to create a pattern or hue on your background.

On these samples I just guessed at the colors for 1/2 and full CTO but I suppose you could investigate the correct RGB value and create a spot-on color value. I haven't spent the time to try different patterns and colors that might emulate muslin backgrounds but I suppose there are some clever folks who will.

Have fun. The possibilities are endless. If you have a drawing program that can read .dxf files, I can email the file I used as a template.

Friday, October 5, 2007

How to spend the time...

My grandfather smoked. He died from cancer
My father smoked. He quit. He died from cancer.
I smoke. It is strangely reassuring to know the genetic probabilities. ..

The question is what to do with that time between diagnosis and the end of the game. I've decided not to take the chemotherapy route. I watched my father waste 10 months trying to extend his life rather than trying to live those 10 months to their fullest. The money that is not being spent on doctors and hospitals will be used to take a trip to make a few apologies, and say a few thank yous in person. While I'm on that trip I intend to smoke in the airplane lavatory.

This will be a great time to break a few rules and social taboos.... but, just the liitle ones. A few things I would like to do:

Ride my motorcycle without a helmet.
Pass wind in church.
Have dessert after breakfast.
Have a cocktail at lunch.
Drive without a seatbelt.
Take nail clippers on a plane.
Have a garage sale and not claim the income on my taxes.
Eat a lot of red meat.
Take a nap every day.
Use a lot of salt.

I suppose the list will grow longer as the time approaches and I don't expect any real quilt or consequences...except for the Ann Coulter bit ... there are some things even a Republican won't do.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Another good reason to get a Model Release...

Andrew Marsinko claims he never signed a release allowing his photo to be used for commercial purposes, as required by Virginia law. Now he's suing for a variety of reasons, including defamation and reckless infliction of emotional distress.

The front of the card features Marsinko holding a goose on one knee, under the words, "Since it's your birthday, you decide - Would you rather get spanked ..." and then, inside: "Or goosed? Happy birthday!"

The Botetourt County farmer claims he didn't even know about the card until he attended an animal auction in Mount Hope, Ohio, where people began teasing him. According to the lawsuit, one person asked him, "When did you give up women to hug a goose?"

"That's not something you want to wake up and find out's been done," said Roanoke lawyer David Harrison, who represents Marsinko.

The portrait was taken at the 1996 State Fair of Virginia by Washington, D.C., photographer John Burwell, who had been hired to take promotional photos for the fair.

The card was sold throughout the United States and Canada last year. During that time, Marsinko - a member of the American Poultry Association's Exhibitor's Hall of Fame - says he was the object of ridicule at auctions and livestock shows across the country.

The complaint accuses Burwell and his wife of selling Marsinko's image to Jupitermedia Corp., a stock image provider, without his permission. The image was used on a card sold by Boulder, Colo., company Leanin' Tree Inc., according to the complaint.

(used without permission)

Information from: The Roanoke Times,