Friday, October 5, 2007

How to spend the time...

My grandfather smoked. He died from cancer
My father smoked. He quit. He died from cancer.
I smoke. It is strangely reassuring to know the genetic probabilities. ..

The question is what to do with that time between diagnosis and the end of the game. I've decided not to take the chemotherapy route. I watched my father waste 10 months trying to extend his life rather than trying to live those 10 months to their fullest. The money that is not being spent on doctors and hospitals will be used to take a trip to make a few apologies, and say a few thank yous in person. While I'm on that trip I intend to smoke in the airplane lavatory.

This will be a great time to break a few rules and social taboos.... but, just the liitle ones. A few things I would like to do:

Ride my motorcycle without a helmet.
Pass wind in church.
Have dessert after breakfast.
Have a cocktail at lunch.
Drive without a seatbelt.
Take nail clippers on a plane.
Have a garage sale and not claim the income on my taxes.
Eat a lot of red meat.
Take a nap every day.
Use a lot of salt.

I suppose the list will grow longer as the time approaches and I don't expect any real quilt or consequences...except for the Ann Coulter bit ... there are some things even a Republican won't do.



Steve C said...

I smoke too Gregg. I get 'homeless fingertip' syndrome.

My Dad died of cancer too. He was a non-smoker.

Like Bill Hicks said 'non-smokers die every day'

Then he died. Oh.

Mike S. said...


don't know what to say except "shit".

Have to disagree with you re Ann Coulter, though. As long as she promises not to talk during....